series of articles about cyber bullying and traditional bullying


An interview with Dr. Agatston:

Dr. Kowalski is interviewed regarding her research on sibling bullying.

Dr. Limber & Dr. Kowalski had a journal article published in the Journal of Adolescent Health’s Special Issue on Bullying and Suicide.

Dr. Limber & Dr. Kowalski are featured in a Clemson University article.

Dr. Agatston’s work in the area of bullying prevention is referenced in an article on Engaging Students to Prevent Bullying, in the April 2013 issue of District Administration magazine.

Well Aware Newsletter ImageDr. Agatston was interviewed for the Well Aware Newsletter on bullying, digital citizenship and suicide.

Dr. Agatston was quoted in this thought-provoking article in the Huffington Post.

Dr. Agatston is quoted in an article in the Sun Sentinel: “Cyberbullying experts review Treacy-Ratley text message exchange.”

Dr. Agatston is quoted in an article in the Huffington Post: “Cyberbullying is a Serious Problem, but is it an Epidemic?”

The authors’ focus group research was cited in this article:  Prenger, Kelsey  A., “Cyberbullying  Beyond the Playground: Educating Youth about Potential Harms of Communication Technologies,” Media Ethics Online 

Dr. Agatston was interviewed for the article:  Levy, Peter, “Confronting Cyberbullying,”, 02 May 2011

Niederberger, Mary, “Cyber Bullying Roles are Familiar,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 20 Jan 2011

Swearer, Susan M., “Five Myths About Bullying,” The Washington Post, 30 Dec 2010

Thomas, Chandra, “Fighting Cyber Bullying:  Cobb Couple Counsels Kids and Families,”, 11 Nov 2010

Dr. Dan Olweus and Dr. Susan Limber release new data on bullying from data base of over 500,000 youth.

Magid, Larry , “Tyler Clementi’s Death is a Call to Action,”, 04 Oct 2010

Dr. Limber is interviewed for an article on cyber bullying in the September newsletter, “Healthy You.”

SC Association of School Administrators article on Cyber Bullying.

Tully, Mike, “International Bullying Conference Announces Keynote Speakers,” 04 Aug, 2010

Dr Agatston was invited to be a guest blogger about cyber bullying on the website:  Silent No More 4 Teens.

Ollove, Michael, “Bullying and teen suicide: How do we adjust school climate?” Christian Science Monitor, 28 Apr, 2010

Dr. Susan Limber, co-author of “Cyber Bullying in the Digital Age,” is selected as one of CNN’s intriguing people!

Magid, Larry, “Is Taser Guilty of Over-Parenting?”, 13 Jan 2010

Lee, Anna, “Bullies use Web to spread their hurt,”, 14 Dec, 2009

Zdanowicz, Christina, “Social Media Brings Bullying to Light,”, 10 Dec, 2009

Dr. Agatston is quoted in Larry Magid’s article: Treating Kids on the Web in a new way:

Dr. Agatston presents to government panel on Kids Online Safety:

Vail, Kathleen, “Bullying: From Words to Action,” American School Board Journal, Sept, 2009

Magid, Larry, “Shocking Stats, Video on Texting while Driving,”, 29 Aug, 2009

Bonds Staples, Gracie “Learn How to Fight Bullying in Schools,”, 3 Aug, 2009

Dr. Agatston is interviewed about sexting and cyber bullying:

An interview with Dr. Susan Limber on Cyber Bullying for the Federal Office of Safe and Drug-free Schools newsletter:

Magid, Larry, “Stop Cyberbullying with Education,”, 15 Jul, 2009

Clemson professor Robin Kowalski received the Prince Award for Innovation in Teaching.   The annual award is named for Clemson President Emeritus Philip Prince and recognizes outstanding teachers who demonstrate creative and novel teaching methods in the classroom.  Read more about Dr. Kowalski and the award at:

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View the Atlanta Fox 5 News story on cyber bullying, featuring an interview with Dr. Agatston

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